Do You Want a Body Like Sue Heintze’s Transformation?

Sue Heintze Twitter profile

Sue Heintze Twitter profile

Seeing another woman’s body transformation is a huge inspiration. The change is always amazing, and it always makes you wonder what they did to lose their weight. But on the other hand, there is a long story of struggle and failure behind the glamorous before-and-after photo shoot.

You are probably constantly conscious about your body. You want to lose weight so bad that food and exercise becomes a source of intense pain for you. You forget how it feels to sit down simply and enjoy the meal that you eat. You become over-trained, exhausted, and hungry from all of the dieting and exercising you do – and it makes you want to avoid your friends.

You are not the only woman feeling this way and experiencing this problem. There are many women who are going through the same struggle and problems as you are. One of them is Sue Heintze – a woman who struggled with weight loss for many years before finally being able to get lean and fit.

How Sue struggled with body issues

Sue Heintze is the creator of the Beta Switch diet program. She lives in Adelaide, Australia with her family. Although now she is a successful fitness figure, she wasn’t always lean and healthy.

Sue, like many other women, wasn’t born with skinny genes. She struggled with body issues for much of her life, even though she was not fat or overweight. In her younger days, she was a fitness fanatic and wanted to look lean and athletic. She tried many diets from many books and tortured herself to eat as little as possible. This approach left her feeling burned out and exhausted, trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Her cycle went on for quite some time. Fortunately, Sue was able to take a step back and figure out what she was doing wrong. She learned from her experience that fad diets don’t work. They may work for a short time, but they don’t work for the long term. Sue wanted to get quick results, but she also wanted a diet that could last her a long time, preferably for a lifetime.

Sue’s commitment to herself

After 20 years of ups and downs, Sue was able to put the puzzle pieces together. She committed herself to a 12-week nutrition and training program that she made by herself, using the information that she gathered from various sources and costing her thousands of dollars. And although she made mistakes and she struggled, she completed her 12-week commitment.

She finally started losing fat and cellulite to shape her body and have a toned appearance. Her results show that commitment is the first step to creating the change you want in your life. The most valuable lesson she learned is that with the right program, consistency, and patience, great results are achievable.

If you looked at Sue, you wouldn’t believe that she is 40 years old. She is in the best shape of her life. Sue used what she learned to help thousands of other people, especially women, achieve success in weight loss.

Since 2003, she and her team have coached 30 winners and 4 Grand Champions of Australia’s national body transformation competition. Sue’s credibility and success have helped her get features on national and international television programs and a regular writer for large magazines:

Follow Sue’s transformation

Sue discovered a program that helped her get an amazing body after many years of failing. She has used her program to help other women achieve similarly successful transformation by burning fat and getting rid of unsightly cellulite. You too can experience the same transformation by following Sue’s Beta Switch diet program.

Although she helps people change their physical appearance, Sue’s main message is that it’s very important to love and appreciate your body no matter what. Having cellulite does not make you less of a woman regardless of how you don’t like it. Loving yourself is more important than any amount of weight you lose. On top of that, losing weight and burning fat is impossible unless you begin first by loving your body.

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