What is the Beta Switch Diet?

When you are trying to lose weight, it feels that for more than half your life you have been on a diet. You have been on and off diets, losing and gaining significant amounts of weight. You get caught up inside a vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain, and it makes you feel miserable.

You try to achieve success, but what you do doesn’t work. Even when you do lose weight, something happens that makes you gain the weight you lost. A cycle like this one can make you lose confidence and think that it’s near-impossible to achieve lasting weight loss.

If you want to get back on track, you have to recapture your confidence. Increase your confidence by understanding better about what causes a weight loss cycle and what affects permanent weight loss.

What causes a weight loss cycle?

One of the causes of a weight loss cycle is that women are different than men. According to the Beta Switch diet program, women have up to nine times more fat storing cells than men. To make matters worse, these fat cells are located in your stubborn fat areas!

These cells are one of the reasons why women have a hard time losing weight, especially in certain body parts. Places such as your stomach, your thighs, and your butt are notoriously known to be stubborn fat areas because they hold these cells. However, these fat cells are not entirely evil because they play the important role of keeping your body safe and alive by storing energy.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn on the switch on these fat cells that is safe and not harmful. Sue Heintze has made a diet program that aims these fat cells called alpha receptors. The program has workout and diet tactics that make your stubborn fat cells release fat so that you look lean.

How to turn on your fat releasing cells

The diet strategy in the Beta Switch program maintains healthy thyroid and leptin levels. If you have unhealthy levels of thyroid and leptin, your fat cells will store fat and become reluctant to release fat. You can regulate your thyroid and leptin levels to a healthy level by eating the right foods and doing the right exercise, as shown by Sue in her program.

  • Sue has developed what she calls the Beta Switch Nutri-Active Diet Program that lasts for 12 weeks that aims to get your thyroid and leptin levels to a healthy number.
  • She has also made a workout program that consists of the Activation Phase, Sculpting Phase, and Acceleration Phase, each with specific workouts to make you burn fat fast.

There are already many women who have lost weight thanks to Sue’s program. Sue has hundreds of testimonials from women who are grateful that they followed Sue’s system and advice. If you follow her Beta Switch system, you can get lasting weight loss too.

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